Books I read this year

If given a choice, I would refuse to live happily without books. This year too, I came across many great books, some of them are:

Team of Rivals:

Writer Doris has given a new meaning to history writing in this particular book. This book discusses the gems of statesmanship of Lincoln in extreme turbulent times.

The Fifth Discipline:

I DO think the world would be a better place if more people understood/appreciated systems thinking. Don’t be fooled into thinking this book is only for business… anyone who wants a better grasp of systems thinking can start here.

Amusing Ourselves to Death:
I’ve probably done enough lecturing on why I wish people would kill their television. Imagine a world where people did not get ANY of their news from television, and where kids weren’t exposed to television ads. (Cancelling cable and getting shows only from iTunes or DVD will change a life)

A wonderful Neil Gaiman book about following your own heart regardless of what everyone else (society, family, etc.) expects and wants you to do.

What books did you read or planned to read this year?

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  1. @Mehjabeen: I have read Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Identity, found later far better read than former. Still to read Bourne Ultimatum and the book by Eric van Lustbader, Bourne Legacy.

  2. I have a habit of reading several books at a time 🙁 so I got number of books piling up which I am hoping to go through the next few months, Inshallah. Some of them are:

    – The Google Story By David Wise, nice round up of Google’s founders and its inception.
    – Qayamat say pehlay k fitnay aur jangain (Tribulations and Wars before the Day of Judgement) (don’t remember the exact name but it’s of similar words) – excerpted from Ibn-e-katheer
    – Qasus-ul-anbiya (Stories of the Prophets): I have read it ages ago. Recently I bought it for the kids and will go through it to refresh the knowledge.
    – Ajax Hacks by Bruce Perry: Nice collection of Ajax Hacks.

  3. ~~ suroor-e-ilm hai kaif-e-sharab say bheter
    ~~ koi rafeeq nahee hai kitab say bheter ~~~

    This year, insha Allah, I will be reading the following books;

    SAFAR NASEEB: A travelogue written by Mukhtar Masood. I don’t know much about the book itself, but having read Mukhtar Masood’s other two books — Awaz-e-Doost and Lauh-e-ayyam — I am really desperate to read his third and final book. And those who haven’t read anything from this classic writer should definitely add these books to their collection.

    PEER-E-KAMIL: A Novel by Umaira Ahmad

    TAFSEER IBN-E-KATHEER (KASEER): The most authentic, and source of many other, tafseer of the Noble Quran.

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