Bon appetite, Italian Cuisine

Italian foods are famous all over the world no matter which country you are in you can order a pizza, pasta or lasagna as they are well known and amazingly common in mostly every nation. People have craze of eating Italian food all over the world but cooking an Italian food is not an easy way to do. There are some typical Italian cooking tips that applied for cooking Italian cuisine.

Accurate Ingredients:

1. Having the appropriate and accurate ingredients is the key to what makes Italian cooking what it is.
2. Secondly, olive oil is an essential part of Italian cooking. It is not only used as cooking oil, it is also used to flavor dishes.
3. It is said that “tomatoes make Italian men happy” so they are another key ingredient. Fresh whole peeled tomatoes are preferred over crushed or chopped.
4. Garlic is also used, but lightly only to give aroma to the dishes.
5. Dried mushrooms are also vital in Italian cooking. This ingredient is great in pastas, risottos, sauces, and stews because of their tremendous flavor.
6. Cheese is another crucial ingredient because of its immaculate essence.

Pasta, the ultimate Italian dish:

1. It needs exact and correct amount of procedure to boil and cook.
2. Always make sure the pasta is cooked in enough water.
3. Cover the pot and bring water to full boil before adding pasta
4. Only use a pasta fork to stir the pasta.
5. Avoid overcooking because Italian food is all about original color, aroma, essence and taste of each single ingredient.
6. Always remember drain the pasta, but do NOT rinse.

Meat cooking:

1. Italian cooking of meats is done over the stove.
2. Use olive oil or butter to brown the meat.
3. Fully tender meat is the specialty of Italian dishes. So tenderize the meat fully.

Italian meal Courses:

1. The first course is usually a soup, pasta, or risotto.
2. The second course is a meat. The meat can be chicken or fish and is served with a vegetable and followed by a salad.
3. The dessert course is typically a fruit. Once in a while a sweet treat is offered.

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