Bomb blast in Lahore

Another suicide bomb blast in Lahore and you can’t help wondering why the government is paralyzed. Why can’t it do something to catch the bombers before they strike? Perhaps if they stop filling the police department with incompetent people who have been recommended by National/Provincial Assembly members or those who’re close to Zardari, it would be possible to reduce the number of such incidents.

As long as the VVIPs keep using the police as their own servants, the law and order situation will continue to deteriorate. Why doesn’t the ruling party realize that it is supposed to serve the people, not to exploit them? Or do they think the people are simpletons who will continue to vote for them, no matter how much they loot the country?

If only there were some way to persuade our lawmakers to stop fleecing the people and do something for the nation. No hope of that happening in the near future, I guess. In the meantime, one can only sympathize with the victims’ families and pray that it won’t happen again.

Lahore Blast March 2010

Image: DayLife

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  1. What Asif Ali Zardari do. . .? Leave Zardari let me know what we are doing. . .? Do we we play a role for Pakistan. . .? ILZAM mat do Khud be kuch karo. . .FAM


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