Bolain Kya Baat Hai

The only program worth watching at GEO Super channel is “Bolain Kya Baat Hai”. This program deals with all sports related controversial issues. This program normally consists of a host and one or two guests, with live calls, short text messages and emails coming from all over the country.

As far as I know, the program is popular. One proof of this is the irritating galore of advertisements during it. Nonetheless, the program is interesting and intriguing enough to hold the attention. The program is supposed to be discussing all sports, but naturally, the program becomes diamond whenever it discusses cricket.

In my view, in programs like this, make or break largely depends upon the host. The more caliber, thrift, knowledge, control, positive approach and skulduggery a host has, the more he would be able to spice the conversation. Like openers of Pakistani cricket team, the hosts in “Bolain Kya Baat Hai”, keep on changing. We have seen from Fakhr-e-Alam through Mirza Iqbal Baig to Yahya Hussaini. Of these three, Mirza Iqbal Baig is much much better in terms of the qualities described above for a host. Fakhr-a-Alam was very heavy on nerves and was as bad a host as he is a singer whereas Yahya Hussaini was simply a fizzly flop.

To complete the formality, program tries to cover up all sports other than cricket like hockey, football, boxing, squash, but the main attraction remains the cricket and only cricket. The program has had its guest from all corners of cricket which include Wasim Bari, Salim Yousaf, Saleem Altaf, Waqar Younis, and host of others. The main beauty is the live calls of the users and the live telephonic chat with other players. This makes the program a thing of beaut. One can only hope that this program continuous.

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  1. Dawar: Some times nationalism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum reason.

    This statement was followed by a diatribe of nationalism. Naqvi, 2009, pcb banned pakistani players from playing IPL…why so much noise now when the players were not selected by anyone…including the two tongued khan

  2. Some times nationalism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum reason. This is what happened in Indian Premiere League. They are arranging the world most expensive T20 cricket tournament without the world champion of T20 world cup. Organizers of Indian (IPL) league insulted our cricket heroes. Pakistan players are forced not to play IPL T20 tournament by dirty tactic. As a nation we were shocked by Indian nationalist. Our rulers have no guts to give positive answer to India. But in this tough time of period two Pakistani individuals once again showed their ability, motivation and attitude which give us hope to give better answer to Indian fanatic cricket arena. If we screen our politicians and cricket management sadly they do not have ability, motivation and attitude to reply Indian premier league. But fortunately one of our current nazim & ex cricket captain has all these proficiencies. Yes, I am writing about Mustafa Kamal and Rashid Latif. They have done tremendous job to organize Karachi Champions League. This event is giving us hope that we are capable to organize T20 cricket tournament as good as IPL or better than that. No one is disagreeing with the work abilities and leadership skills of both sons of Pakistan. In some years of his tenure Mustafa Kamal had changed the look of Karachi. If you see the work he has done in short period of his tenure is far more than the work done in 57 years of Karachi history. We will find more roads, freeway, fly over’s, bridges has been built or rebuilt in his tenure than whole history of Karachi. On the other hand Rashid Latif is the best wicket keeper Pakistan ever produced. He came to international cricket after 1992 world cup. On his first appearance legendary all rounder captain Imran Khan said we could have won world cup 92 comfortably if Rashid had been the part of world cup team. Rashid Latif is the man of integrity. He never compromised on the principals. Likewise Nazim of Karachi, his performance is an extra ordinary for Pakistan. He had opened his cricket academy which can easily be compared with any cricket academy in the world. Today, his cricket academy grounds are used by Pakistan cricket board for different coaching assignments and first class matches. Rashid always dreamed of launching Twenty20 league, but finally he decided to act when Pakistan’s leading cricketers were snubbed at an Indian Premier League (IPL) player auction in Mumbai last month. Mustafa Kamal deserves appreciation for his full support to Rashid Latif for organizing such delightful event. It was nice to see support from ex and current players like Javed Miandad, Hanif Mohammad, Saeed Anwar, Younis Khan, Mohammad Yousuf, Moin Khan, Basit Ali and hockey legendary player Hanif Khan to this tournament. I humbly request Pakistan cricket board and chairperson of PCB President Zardadri to support Rashid Latif.

    Dawar Naqvi

    HRU IQBAL SAHIB? i want to mention some good points for pakistan cricket that
    our team performance over all very poor but we have to back our players because they are our assets,please suggest PCB that bring shahid afridi captain of pakistan team because he yesterday looking very positive except is
    mistake of ball tempering from his teeth it take pakistan further in shameful situation,And one thing i can advice u that bring javad miadad as PCB chairmain in replace of IJAZ BUTT it will make pakistan become number one in future INSHALLAH.


  4. Yaar sajid ye kasey kamyab ho saktey hain…jub k ratoon ko clubs main hotey hain n din ko soey hoey uth ker jatey hain match khaleny…ye cricket thori main khalney aey to yahan aeaishi kerney aey hain…..

  5. hamare stars shaid afridi, younis khan baten to bari bari karte hain pr unpar amal nahi karte mujy batayen k kiya younis khan ne australia k khilaf koi century banai hai? aur ye australia me ja kar nakam hojate hain kiyon? dosri teams b outcountries jakar perform karti hain hamari team phr kiyon australia me australia ko series nahi hara sakti? aur ye k players wahan jane se phle hi rona dhona start kar dete hain ye whan ki conditions ko understand kar k kiyon nahi khelte kiyon apni wickets aasani k sath ganwa dete hain?


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