Bloody Elections

Minister of Railway, Shiekh Rashid Ahmad, who also looks after the prophecy department of government, has predicted that the forth coming elections will be a bloody one, in which candidates will be blown-up and the public meetings and processions will suffer gigantic human losses due to suicide attacks and bomb blasts. Arbab Ghulam Rahim, the learned chief minister of Sindh, has also seconded the statement of Farzand-e-Rawalpindi.

On the other hand, Benazir Bhutto, the chairperson of PPPP, who along with the leadership of PPPP escaped narrowly from a bomb blast in Karachi in her welcome procession, has also said that tough times are ahead during the elections, but she is prepared to handle it. MQM, PML-Q are also in sync with this idea. All these things are converging and pointing towards one result; the delay in the general elections and the formation of a inter-party national government without elections with Musharraf as President, Benazir as Prime minister and the rest of setup will remain more or less the same in the provinces.

Predictor Shiekh has also said that it would be prudent, if all the candidates run their campaign on media, and voters vote through email. wow. what a brilliant idea? It could be a trick from Steve Ballmer (Microsoft guy, a jew incidently), to create more Windows, Hotmail, and MSN customers. Almost 10 crore, hotmail accounts !!!! Runaway success for Microsoft. Shiekhoo has also said that nobody can stop the suicide bomb attacks, and there are many nurseries in country, which are churning out terrorists like hell. He said that when they eradicated one, 10 other popped up.

If the government cannot control price hike, hoarding, poverty, unemployment, and terrorism, and can only start new trains (which would be blown away in bomb blasts, anyway), then why in the hell they are in the government?

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