Blood Thirsty Karachi

Nothing new, but like always its heart breaking. Once again the streets of Karachi have turned into the “Wild Wild West” spree,, with no one to be held accountable or responsible for this onslaught. The city of lights is a far cry now, as the setting of dusk sends shock waves to the natives.

No matter which page of history you turn of this unfortunate settlement, all you see is grief. Even passer by write off the place where a life becomes cheaper than a steel bullet, let alone those who are caught up in this misery. But once again like so many painful events of our history, there is no clue to the culprits. The new round of violence triggered by the aftermath of Ashura blast is getting serious after every passing day. The political parties, their grass root domestic politics based on voilence, ethnical differences and above all an invisible hand has gone completely out of control. New commitments for cooperations, crack down on these mafia’s and similar stuff is all that we hear time and time again.

From my side not one but all parties in Karachi are terrorists, as in one way or the other they have used this forsaken trend for their own benefits. Its not about Lyari, Rehman Balouch or some one else……rather its about the paradigm and the approach which is framed to manage a city which holds the key to this land’s future.

Both the city administration under MQM and provincial stetup under PPP have failed miserably. It’s as pathetic as there performance when we see them calling each others rapist, bandits and murderer on national television, while the very next day for some exchanged dollars they are again “BHAI’s”…..pathetic.

I am sure that the Nazim will some how come up with another award claiming himself to the “guru of governance”,, yet never answerable to the fact that under his domain hundreds die every year in the name of rivalries, petty mobiles and robberies. Instead of calling army to clean up the street,, it is the right time to start an investigation again into the May12 massacre,, by the highest court in order to settle the score. From the justifications of the administration it seemed that it is a crime to ask them regarding there responsibility,, as they have treated the media recently.

This new wave of target killing has somehow overshadowed the blast inquiery, or is it infact triggered for this reason alone?? With this thing proved that it wasn’t a suicide bombing a debate started regarding the “would be” culprit of this act. On this forum it was equally painful to hear certain revelations that this whole drama was to evacuate a few prized shopping areas……amazing. On the other hand I have firm belief that Karachi is under the red eye of an agency that we usually term as “black water”. From different sources this thing has floated in the media that around this city and within its premises this organization has been given the platform with the due consent of some local and high up circles. Doesn’t matter if it is true or not,, the internal loopholes is what the external force wants,, and rest assured that not one but many such loop holes were given by us. CJ…the people of Karachi wanted justice…..thats why they gave more sacrifices that any other city in Pakistan. Don’t let them write you off as another person who never risked to challenge the dark law of this land……….

May Allah shower peace to every corner of this land….Ameen!!

5 thoughts on “Blood Thirsty Karachi”

  1. only mqm is spraying terror in karachi ……because baldiati election is near……….plz no vote mqm ,,,,,,,,,they r terror people see their own eyes …….khidmat khalak ,,and other programs are all depend on bakwas……………

  2. The armed forces are in pursuit of the extremist elements and they will be hunted down, and the culprits who took hundreds of lives will be brought to justice. Our support to the troops is crucial for keeping their morals Sky high!

  3. Blood thirsty are the militants. I fail to understand on what basis do they do all this I have never been able to understand and I believe majority does not. The point is there can be no negotiation with the terrorist. They have to be defeated and for once and for all.

  4. I cry tears of sorrow from my heart when I see any part of my country victim of blood shed. Guys we have fought for years but this war don’t seem to end. Lets all unite and let live everyone. These terrorists are human beings too. Lets be more tolerable in our country for the safe future or this will never stop!!


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