Blinding Powers and Greed

Whatever happened to the popular and passionate will of the people, and whatever happened to all those political jargons and the sentimental slogans, the confusion and the anarchy and also the gloom is order of the day, and amidst this subtle yet very powerful uncertainty, Asif Ali Zardari grabs the most powerful position in the country.

While he does it, there is little confusion over the powers and the status of the puppet Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, who doesn’t really in the position to deliver or decide anything, and this is the display of yet another round of tyranny in Pakistan, which is very painful and alarming too on many fronts, and need to be considered very seriously by the loyal circles, and they need to put some stern and strict barriers in the way of civilian dictatorship, as the miseries and the glooms of the people of Pakistan are already very proportionate due to the recurrent and successive dictatorial regimes in their sixty year span of non-governance, and just extravaganza of the rulers.

What more powerful though gentle warning could be offered against the instincts to the tyrannical adventures that have destroyed all great nations? Pakistan People’s Party seemed to knew and understand this record of dictator folly well before the elections, but now greed and power has blinded them.

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