Blatant Law Breaking

Now what the hell is going in the capital? For God’s sake its the capital of our country, not some remote tribal area. Why shouldnt I call those two so-called clerics, “semi-literate law breakers”? Every week, they are creating a new issue. They are openly displaying the arms, threatening people, breaking law, mocking the writ of government, and no one is curbing them.

Now in a recent achievement, these two brothers, by using robotic, brain washed girls and boys, have kidnapped some more people (9 exactly), which include six women from a beauty parlour situated in a sector in Islamabad, and they are still locked in the Jamia Hafsa.

This alarming situation is defaming government. Government is showing an un-precedented tolerance and passions. The stance of government is also commendable so far, as it wants to avoid any bloodshed of innocent and young students, and it also wants to avoid confrontation in the heart of capital. Government knows that if the operation is done, then only innocent students will suffer.

One thing is for sure, that this attitude of Jamia administration cannot bring forward anything useful. Who will say that this attitude of theirs is with in legitimate boundaries. What exactly in the hell they are trying to portray? The funny thing is that after kidnapping they invite the people to their place. For example, this time, after kidnapping the Chinese nationals, the Maulana Sahib invited Chinese diplomat.

Their objective to implement the Islamic law in the country is fine. We all are Muslims here, and want a true Islamic society. But this isn’t the way to implement that. We need to educate and convince people, and what these “Gundasa” holding female students could do? If they fight with police, who will suffer?

Common man is shocked at this new drama. This is beyond belief and I am of the strong opinion that this is high time that government somehow seize the control Jamia Hafsa and with full strength leash the students without harming anyone. Then government with the help of authentic religious scholars should try to convince these students to realize the ground realities. The Lal Masjid’s inordinate administration should be dealt with iron hands.

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