Blasts in India

Right now, after Afghanistan and Pakistan, India is tasting the terrorism, and its two cities; Bangalore and Ahmadabad have experienced the terror and misery. Serial bomb blasts have occurred in both cities, and have left many question marks, and as terror is reaching to Indian cities, they must know how bad the situation in Afghanistan is.

Four persons were killed and more than 48 others injured in 13 blasts that hit Ahmedabad city of India today. According to Indian media, the first blast occurred at 6:45 PM in Bapunagar, Ahmedabad followed by series of explosions in Mani Nagar, Sarkhej, Esanpur, Haksar, Narol Circle, Narod Patiya and Hatkashwer areas.

Same thing happened in Bangalore, the Information Technology hub of India. Seven synchronised small bombs shook India’s high-tech hub on last Friday, killing at least four persons, including a woman and injuring several others.

Such things are only hampering the peace process. Pakistan and India should try for peace in Afghanistan and the return of ISAF forces for the lasting peace.

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