Blaster Worm

Blaster worm has done damage of about ten million dollars and its affected computers range in more than tens of millions.

In august 2003, this worm has spread amongst the users of windows 2000 and windows XP. Basically this virus has intentions to attack on the Microsoft site to deny the services but the site could not get damaged because the traffic was easily redirected to the correct page where people could easily update their windows. But in spite of that Microsoft shut down its site temporarily.

This worm spread due to some vulnerability or security hole in the windows that provided security update servicing for it. That security hole was discovered earlier but could not be overcome. When this worm was observed or analyzed, two messages were received:

“I just want to say LOVE YOU SAN”

Because of this, sometimes this worm is also called the LOVESAN worm.

The second message was especially for Bill Gates:

“bill gates why do you make this possible ? Stop making money and fix your software!!

This virus not just attacked the MS web site but it affected the RPC services badly on any computer under its attack. So every time, the internet was connected on the affected computer, the user received a message for shutdown and the computer was compelled to restart after a minute.

To stop this from happening there is a simple way. Go in the start menu, click on ‘Run’, and there the user should write ‘shutdown-a’, and then press enter. The windows would not restart and keep continuing its operations.

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