Blast at Qayyum Stadium Peshawar

The Qayyum Stadium was jam-packed and the people including mostly children were enjoying the constructive and healthy event. The colourful three-day Inter-Provincial Games were a rare chance for the frustrated people of Peshawar to get some relief and to loosen their strained nerves but the scrooge of terrorism didn’t leave them even there and struck with its full might.

A suicide bomber blew himself up at the main gate of the jam-packed Qayyum Stadium, killing four people and injuring eleven. That created a mass panic, which was luckily controlled by the police and there weren’t many injuries or deaths due to the following stampede.

The event projected a very positive image about the NWFP province, Peshawar and Pakistan, but the terrorist didn’t like it and struck as they are the enemies of Pakistan. But the sad thing was that instead of consoling people, the ANP leadership was even then trying to scoring the points. Though they didn’t get a bruise, they thought that they were the targets.

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