Blame Game

American-sponsored Pakistani national reconciliation and Musharraf-Benazir deal is bursting at the seams. Benazir is leaving no stones unturned and is exploiting the deaths of 150 people in Karachi on 17th October. At one side, she is demanding an international inquiry, and saying that she doesn’t really trust the Pakistani agencies, because they are incompetent and unwilling to do that. She is also making her tone harsher and harsher against the so-called extremists in NWFP and FATA. She has also filed a murder case against chief minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi.

When the unfortunate blasts occurred at Karsaz, Karachi, she rushed to Bilawal House, romping the dead bodies of the dead, while the other leadership of PPPP, which remained totally unharmed also followed her, and nobody gave a heck about the dead and the wounded and the missing. After couple of days, when the news came out in the media, and it was reported that many are still missing, relatives are still finding the missing and the dead bodies, and nobody is facilitating them, then Benazir again identified an opportunity to point some political scores, and rushed to Lyari, Jinnah Hospital and to add more silver, she also paid homage at Quaid Mausoleum.

FIR against chief minister Punjab, whose father was murdered by Benazir’s father, the ex-prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 70s, has infuriated the Chaudhris of Punjab a lot. In retaliation, they have said that it was all a conspiracy hatched by Asif Ali Zardari himself, the husband of Benazir who is in Dubai right now, and it was meant to boost the image of Benazir and Zardari. Chuadhry Shujaat Hussain, president of PML-Q is livid, and has openly said that this attitude of Benazir is not acceptable, and if she carries on blame game, then there is no chance of any sort of reconciliation.

Things are getting quite serious and alarming. Karachi remained on the bleeding and burning edge for three days, and the life is coming back to normal, but the apprehensions are there, because Benazir is there, and the militants are there, and everybody else is there, and the hatred is still very much here against each other.

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  1. I rate above article is good in composition, not in sense, sorry brother.
    Try to be positive, It was great attack followed by suicide bombs and firing, in 2nd attempt she has been died.


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