Blame Game and Democracy: A Disastrous Combination

Anyone out there with a view point that the naughty 90’s of politics will never return to Pakistan has been proven wrong, especially in the past few weeks. From nowhere it seems that the political demography of Pakistan has entered a bottle neck, which is hard to avoid in any case. You can blame it on Musharraf’s trial or 17th Amendment, whatever we say it’s simple, power is corrupt and it has its own way around.

The situation has reached a point where on one side the friendly opposition (PML-N) has called the shots for a mid term election and an ultimatum of 48 hours (of which more than half has passed as I write this) while the power pole (PPP) has come all out to say we will see what you can do. With mercury rising phenomenally, may be this time around there will be no remedy. I use this in affirmation of Newton’s law of an external force interference to change the state of affairs within, as until now one hasn’t seen Holbrooke or Milliband rallying to Pakistan in order to cool the temperature.

Where ever it will lead is a mystery, but one thing is clear that this time around the whole confrontation is maneuvered in the classical cold war style. It was hard for me to recall the chain of events that have lead to this down turn. Anyhow I did my best to collect some pieces of the puzzle. From my side the first sign came when the establishment out of no where reaffirmed that no MINUS 1 will be accepted. Even this revelation surprised me as it was hard to understand who initiated this formula anyway and when exactly?

In the second stage we saw an irrelevant figure breaking into the lime light as if he has been assigned a holy mission. The guy is none other than the blue eye celebrity of media these days, Brigadier Imtiaz. His revelations and the jubilation of MQM are hard to understand, as neither the person is an institution nor his revelation after 17 years made any sense. To add fuel to the fire PML-N house leader Ch Nisar declared an open war on MQM and the result is quite evident in front of us. I used the word cold war because this time around an indirect mean has been used to initiate a confrontation, though now this phase has been surpassed and both parties are dagger drawn. But the question remain whom will it benefit? I unfortunately don’t have the beneficiary list with me but one thing is guaranteed that it will be the democracy and its institution which will suffer the most.

Until now in some way or the other, this stage has been avoided, mostly by the balancing act of our PM Gillani. But not this time. It seems that he has been sidelined or he has chosen that status himself. The question remains where will this lead to. The demand of Musharraf trial is purely valid and this cannot be ignored that right now we have sugar or energy crisis. It’s about principle and if you start compromising on them, all is lost for good. The only best way out is that a suitable mechanism should have been decided with a flexible time period, but unfortunately it seems that this is not the case. A stand that he has been forgiven is simply out of question, neither he has apologized nor a referendum has been conducted. No matter how much you side line it, this will re-emerge with the strongest force possible.

Till now it seems that we have got two different groupings in the making; PPP, MQM and PML-Q firm on no trial. The other group which is yet to emerge but most likely it will be an alliance of PML-N, JI and PTI. The later two imminently carry no weight as they boycotted the election but no one can deny their existence. So the lines have already been drawn but still it’s extremely sad to know that the protectors of democracy have decided to put it at stake on the statements of characters like Brig Imtiaz, Gen Naseer, Maj Aamir and so on. In the end one is left thinking was it worth that any way?

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  1. Lol…hmm…i think he was surfing poets and their work to know whose poem should he sing….inadvertently he came across Iqbal’s poem and he said…hey! that’s a message for meee!!!

  2. hmmm…yes, indeed. Mush maintained friendly relations with the Saudi govt…lol…you must know those qualities Allama Iqbal had pointed out that a rightful leader should posses. On of his points was that a leader should be foresighted. Our leaders are foresighted but only in their personal matters!! LOL

  3. @momina
    gud observation………in my diary US, Mush and Saudis are held together by a common enemy………Al Qaeda and 2ndly Mush did obliged Saudis when it mattered the most…
    1st to pardon Nawaz and sending him to exile
    2nd his return after BB came back to Pakistan

    In this regard this is a very bright possibility as u said

  4. i think eventually PML-N will be forced to give in. saudi arabia received mush royally – an indication to PML-N to drop the issue, all are friends.

    As expected…

    Hamid, keep the entertainment on the political scene coming in…:D

  5. GOOD ONE Hamid as always 🙂
    this whole Pandora box is just for distraction from the core issues like sugar crisis, inflation and Musharraf thing. No one is getting benefit out of it but they will carry on DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED ONES.


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