Black magic in Egypt

Those who believe in black magic will be thrilled to know that there is a Christian priest who specializes in removing demons (jinns) from the bodies of both Christian and Muslims, according to an article in DAWN of 23 March 2008 (“Cairo priest excorcises Muslim & Christian demons”). This does sound strange, for the Christian priests I have known are not the kind who believe in such things. In fact, another Egyptian priest (Father Abdu Meeseeh) himself says that ninety nine percent of people who think they are under the spell of demons are just having psychological problems. But the sanest comment was made by Sheikh Ali Abdel Baki, Director of Al-Azhar University’s Islamic Research Centre in Egypt, who said that “exorcism happens because of misdiagnosing physical and psychological problems”.

So those who believe all their pains and illnesses are due to the black magic of their enemies need to think again. No one can do black magic on anyone. It’s only those who’re illiterate that are affected by black magic.

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