Black Holes

When I was kid, I loved reading about black holes. A black hole is a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing can escape after having fallen in it. Its completely dark and no one can see anything in it and is a completely isolated region.

With the passage of time, by seeing the norms of society and trends, I have realized that they are not only in our galaxy but they also exist in our societies.

Class difference has been increasing day by day. Even we find standards in education also, the matric system and Cambridge system. In order to acquire admission in renowned colleges and universities, huge sum of money is required. Those who are able to afford expensive education are able to find good jobs while doors have been closed for talented poor and middle-class students. A bundle of local degrees and certificates are not sufficient to attract employers. This is one of the main factors of the increased crime ratio these days.

Dowery system has poisoned the roots of our society and culture. Upper class is more attracted towards dowery these days rather than the lower class. A large number of girls are getting old waiting for proper proposals of marriage but no one is ready to marry them unless they bring with them dowery “with their own will”. In order to select a girl for getting married, meeting and rejecting a number of girls has become a trend. Requirements have been changed from “Chand si Bahu” to “Highly qualified and working Bahu” so that she can easily bear her own expenses but also help her husband in meeting the needs.

We are achieving our materialistic goals but at the expense of our emotions, purity and innocence.Generation gap has been increasing. Now we find it difficult to get some time to spend with our parents and children. We have closed our eyes and turned our faces away from truth. Money is talking and truth is silent.

I am running out of answers, is it what we are trying to achieve? Is there anyway out of it?

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  1. In the real world, the criterion has always been wealth. Whether a person is successful or not depends on how rich he is or how rich he will become owing to his job. We may talk endlessly about equality in our society or religion, but the fact is, we tend to associate only with those who can help us financially. And anyone who beleives otherwise is living in a fool’s paradise. Unfortunately it’s sad, but true.


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