Bitter Experiences

Last year when I was doing my third semester, the university required me to do the internship. I posted my CVs to many companies and went to many banks to drop my CV myself. Though I had a GPA over 3.6, I couldn’t get the call. I was really shocked at the situation. Many of my friends had easily got the internship due to some reference and I was still moving around. My father also offered me to get it through one of his references but I said NO. I very confidently said that I’ll get it on my own and because of my abilities. I roamed around a lot and waited for a call but no answer. After all this, I laid down my arms and asked my father. He said that it is Pakistan and if you have no reference you can’t easily get anything even if you stand up to the mark. He talked to his friend the very next day and I had been called the day after that.

2 thoughts on “Bitter Experiences”

  1. The news about interenship is so much old…..all of us are known about all the policies.
    One question is that i have the experience of 6 month in NIP interenship…can NIP give us a 6 month experience cetificate???????


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