Bill Gates Out

According to the media reports, Bill Gates, the world richest man, the Microsoft co-founder, 52, known for his boyish face and nerdy manner, will spend his final day at the software giant he helped found over 30 years ago. He would then spend all of his life in the philanthropy.

After decades devoted to Microsoft, Gates plans to turn his attention full time to the philanthropic Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation he established with his wife. Personally I think that Bill Gates could do a lot of philanthropy work while remaining at the Microsoft. For example, he could save world a lots of misery by creating stable, secure, robust and reliable software, and he could also do lots of favor by giving away copies of Microsoft Windows Vista copies to the third world countries.

He could also do a lots of favor by outsourcing Microsoft’s works to the developing countries, and he could also start visiting these countries regularly and try to learn the talent oozing uncontrollably in these areas.

But anyway, now Bill Gates’s former class mate at Harvard University would look after the Microsoft wholly. Let’s see what he does to tackle the Google.

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