Bhuttos After 29 Years

Pakistan Television says Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto “Quaid-e-Baymisal”, while couple of months ago the same anchorperson was calling Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto “Pakistan Breaker”. Like it or not, this is the general attitude of our nation.

We were the ones who welcomed Ayub Khan and then called on “Ayub Kuta Hai Hai”, and then we rallied behind Bhutto, and then not even blinked an eye when he was hanged by a dictator. We were the ones who called Ziaul Haq “Mard-e-Momin” and Shaheed when his plane was crashed near Bahawalpur, but then we were the ones who called him the worst tyrant of history.

Now 29 years have been passed since the judicial murder of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and at this point of time, his daughter Benazir Bhutto has also been assassinated horrendously and before her two of Bhutto’s sons have also died an unnatural death, and the leadership of Bhutto’s party has gone out of Bhutto family, perhaps forever.

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