Beware of Indian Propaganda on Bangladesh Mutiny

An organised gang influenced by anti-liberation forces in a preplanned way instigated Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) members to launch barbaric attacks on army officials and killed them intentionally in a move to create an anarchic situation in the country.

This allegation was made by participants at a discussion meeting organised by Ekattur er Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee at WVA auditorium in the capital on Friday afternoon. Political leaders, lawyers and professors took part in the discussion presided over by National Professor Kabir Chowdhury.

The participants said after the take over of power by Awami League-led 14-party alliance government, the trial of war criminals has been demanded by the people and that has already been approved by the parliament. Under this circumstance, an organised gang influenced by anti-liberation force instigated the BDR members to create an anarchic situation in the country in order to foil the proposed trial of war criminals.

They said good numbers of fundamentalists were appointed at different significant sectors of the country during the tenure of BNP-led four-party alliance government. Now they are trying to destroy the mission and vision of the government including the trial of war criminals so that it does not take any steps against the war criminals.

Barrister Tania Amir said in order to create countrywide anarchic situation to foil the proposed trial of war criminals, an organised armed gang influenced by anti-liberation forces launched attack on army officials and killed them intentionally. They also violated their wives during the attack which lost happened in 1971.

“To keep the situation under control, our Primer Minister Sheikh Hasina announced amnesty but the amnesty will not cover of murderer and violations. Trial of killers and violators must be held under existing procedures,” she said.

Workers party president also MP Rashed Khan Menon said soon after taking decision over trial of war criminals, a certain group are becoming very active to create anarchic situation throughout the country. “We will have to take steps against this vested quarter carefully, because conspirators might instigate and create more untoward situations anytime,” he said

Kabir Chowdhury said soon after announcing amnesty, the situation came under control but it does not mean that the mutineers will be freed from criminal offence. Trial is must for killers and violators. “The government will have to reform the function of BDR and different intelligence departments immediately and take measures for ensuring trial of mutineers,” he said.

Source: Bangladesh Today

4 thoughts on “Beware of Indian Propaganda on Bangladesh Mutiny”

  1. Is that True that Pakistani Intelligence Agency ISI is behind this Mutinee.
    Ever since Pakistan Army is Kicked Out from the Bangladesh by Indian Army and Bangladesh Mukti Vahini .. Pakistan and Paki Agency ISI is trying to take revenge and trying to Destroy the Stability of the Bangladesh.

  2. This is a real blow to the pillars on which we the “Bangladesh” stand. We are proud of our patriotic armed forces, we are proud of our Para-military force, who are protecting our country from foreign aggression and protecting our economy from black-marketing. Falling of any of the institution amounts to the fall of a pillar on which our beloved country stands. It is too early to say who to blame, but I can say boldly that we shall fight for our independence against any odd and not a single culprit shall be spared whether local or foreign. We have a reputation of stand united when our sovereignty is at stake and when we are united, no one can defeat us with the grace of Allah, the almighty.

    It is to be remembered that the member of the BDR forces are mostly very young, emotional, patriotic mostly with little literacy. In the border they are fighting and sacrificing their lives for the country and they are our family. It cannot be anybody else other than a foreign power that has cunningly used their emotions and I strongly believe that the brutality exercised over our patriotic armed forces was a cunning instigation from the part of the foreign agency, it is very much possible that those foreign agents got themselves mixed up with the BDR forces during the mutiny and slipped away on time.

    I urge my brothers to keep their cool and find the conspirators, otherwise, these thing will happen again, on a different day, different format. To the government my suggestion would be to remember that the members of BDR forces are trained in Army. Let us not scare them as a whole. We must punish the culprits with exemplary punishment, but we should not do anything that instigate them to join our enemies. Those enemies who are conducting warfare through terrorism in the name of Islam may invite them to join and misuse their emotion.

    We would like to ensure our government that we the people of Bangladesh are behind you to support your all initiatives to bring the normalcy of the country as you are the Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh not the government of any othe country.

    For those foreign agents, I would like to warn them that destabilizing your neighbour whether close or distant will not leave you spared. If you take the example of the United States of America, you would see that the most powerful country attacks country like Iraq, but they never dare to attack Cuba, their neighbor. The reason is that if they destabilize Cuba that would destabilize the U.S.A as well. So, if you commit arson on your neighbor that will surely burn your home down too.

    May Allah places the departed patriots to peace and comfort and helps the bereaved family members to gather strength, courage and energy to rebuild their life. I also lost my family member and seek your doa for my departed relative who happened to be a Major of the Bangladesh Army.


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