Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza

I read this today: “Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza was a philosopher from Holland. All his life he lived in poverty and was also excommunicated in 1656. He was sick and seeing his condition one of his devotees took him home. When the host and his family had gone to attend service in Church on Sunday, person who was looking after Spinoza who was sure of Spinoza’s death, looked around, pocketed some money laying on the table and a knife with silver grip and vanished.

Spinoza had declined the chairmanship of Philosophy Department, the Heidelberg University, did not oblige King Louis IV by dedicating any of his books to him as he desired though he could have earned stipend for life in return. Famous merchant of Amsterdam wanted to make him his successor but Spinoza disliked. So many people were ready to help but Spinoza was rich with his own contentment. The servant might have got some thing more valuable if Spinoza would have had accepted the bounties.

Spinoza’s statue is standing tall in Hague. If the Statue comes to life today, where Spinoza will bow before Allah Almighty and tell the humanity to seek truth, he will also laugh at doctors (medical practitioners) who stoop as low as they go higher riding on their credentials.

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