Benazir Murder’s File Closed

On 27th December, 2007, when Benazir Bhutto came to address last rally of her life in Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi, nobody except few terrorists knew that what was in the bag for her. She came addressed, smiled, waved and when she left she wasn’t breathing.

Nobody after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the two-time Prime Minister of this unfortunate country, could predict that a hostile government would so quickly find out the root cause and culprits behind the horrendous slaying. Just few hours after the slaying, state officials gave their verdict as Baitullah Mehsud was the mastermind of that murder, and actually Benazir Bhutto didn’t die of the bullet.

As was expected, no one bought the government story, so upon very intense external pressure government invited Scotland Yard to look into the matter, and after 42 days, the Yard has also come up with the same story with more finer details. Meanwhile, government has also arrested some people in connection with the assassination and it seems that the probe has completed.

3 thoughts on “Benazir Murder’s File Closed”

  1. In 1958:

    “Allama Mashriqi Maliciously Implicated in Murder Case”
    Author: Nasim Yousaf

    Allama Mashriqi was imprisoned in Lahore Fort. Here,
    according to his son (in an interview in Dawn, Karachi on May 17, 1958), Mashriqi was
    relegated to a filthy room, subjected to violence and abusive language, and denied food
    for the first two days.6 Mashriqi himself would later describe the harsh treatment, stating
    that several persons were made to stand on his chest.7 He further told his counsel: “May
    God grant me courage to bear this trouble and torture. History shows how innocent
    persons have always been prosecuted.”8 Indeed the authorities exhibited no compassion
    in their treatment of the 70-year old leader, who had won the hearts of millions.

  2. Why didn’t the PPP leadership object when Scotland Yard detectives said their mandate was to find out how she died, not who killed her? After all, it is more important to find out how the breach in security occurred, and who was responsible for it.


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