Benazir Bhuttos’ homecoming left Karachi wounded and scared

Benazir Bhutto’s welcoming procession left Karachi bruised and wounded. Karachities were barely able to get out of the shock of 12th May when 5 months later they are again dragged into mayhem and chaos.

Benazir Bhutto Rescued after Blast

As perceived earlier while discussing return of Benazir Bhutto, Karachi was tense in apprehension something bad going to happen. Benazir had received threats of suicide attacks if she travel to Pakistan and the government also had reports of possible attempts on Benazir. However, Benazir decided to return and travel in an open truck with a procession that exceeded hundreds of thousands. Her foolhardiness caused deaths of more than 130 people leaving hundreds injured and marking a brutal scar on history of Pakistan. Was she unaware of the fact that it is literally impossible to cordon and secure a loosely connected convoy which passes through packed roads, under the bridges etc. While she ‘fortunately‘ went inside her bullet-proof cabin minutes before the explosions, it was the policemen on her security and PPP jiyalas who took the blasts on their bodies. May Allah have mercy on them (Amen). How long these poor people will continue to die for corrupt leaders?

Benazir Bhutto's Truck
Benazir Bhutto's Truck
For now, the blasts have been labelled to “Taliban” elements. Media across the world has taken this incident as breaking news. BBC, CNN, Reuters etc are all giving it extensive coverage, blaming islamic-militants for this.

Benazir Bhutto has certainly got a political boost from this incident. The blasts in Karachi will help in covering her deal with government and will give her an edge over her political opponents. She is now posing a serious threat for PML-Q and its allies in the upcoming elections.

However, these blasts may be first of an ongoing series that might continue during the election campaigns.

Sindh Government has announced today as another day off for educational institutions. Most of the business and trade activities will also remain suspended. Pakistan Peoples’ Party has yet to make an announcement and if they decided to go on for mourning, it is going to be a long weekend for the people of Karachi, which started with the joy of Eid and ended with ghastliness and mourning.


7 thoughts on “Benazir Bhuttos’ homecoming left Karachi wounded and scared”

  1. well…………. as pee-pee-pee party myrmidons stated, “thank god mohtarma is alive.” like, who cares man… it was only [a] gross [of] haari-log who died.

    no clearer proof is required that we are still a deeply deeply feudal society, even in our cities.

  2. so called rahnuma of so called people party caught the poor people from villages of sindh due to their fuedle power just to show how much public came to receive benazir as compare to nawaz sharief.even government also supported this deal shuda party.shame

  3. ofcourse everyone has right to comeback his or her homebut no one has right to play a game of dirty politics over innocent deadbodies.

  4. @Rauf: True leaders always care for lives and safety of their supporters. When the threats were there, why she didn’t take a direct route to Bilawal House or Mazar-e-Quaid, if she had to make a speech? Because she wanted to satisfy her ego by mobilizing the masses and thus endangering lives of many.

    Isn’t it hypocrisy that one leader is abducted and thrown out of country from the airport while other is provided with full VIP escort?

    Who is going to take the blame for fallen policemen? Nobody is mourning them.

  5. its wrong to say Benazir’s homecoming left karachi scared, it is the fault of agencies….is it necessary to connect these killing with her homecoming??? it is a basic human right of everyone to come back to his/her homeland whenever he/she wants so its rubbish to say it happened cuz she came back home…it happened only due to the criminal mindset of extremists


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