Benazir Bhutto Is No More

After uttering the words for the affections she received from the people of Punjab, and describing how her father was faced gallows in the city of Rawalpindi, she felled by a sniper’s bullet just yards from the place where Pakistan’s another Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan was felled by a bullet of an Assassin in 50s.

Bhutto family is one of the most unfortunate families of Pakistan. First father was hanged in 1979 by a military ruler, then brother Shahnawaz “committed suicide” in 1985 in Paris, then Murtaza Bhutto was murdered in Karachi, and his widow blamed Benazir and Asif Zardari for that, and now Benazir herself has been slain.

Her life remained rife with controversies. She was ousted two from the rule on corruption charges, and she faced many cases in the national and foreign courts. She came back to the country after self exile and faced a horrible bomb blast on her welcome in Karachi. She was accused of coming back to country as a result of the deal, and she was very vocal against the so-called Al-Qaeda and the militants in tribal areas, including Taliban.

Her departure has ignited a bloody wave of riots, looting, plundering and restive situation in the country. Especially in interior Sindh and Karachi, as usual, miscreants have turned the protests into violent spurts of looting, arson, plunder and the settling of personal scores.

The anger, choler, doom, and gloom of PPP workers is understandable, but they should also play their part to restrain the naughty elements to give these justified protests a bad name by burning the railway stations, hospitals, banks, shops and the vehicles. Its high time that government should also act with responsibility. They have done well to announce a national mourning and not really showing excessive handling of the protesting crowds, but they should make it sure that public property and lives shouldn’t be threatened as a result of this.

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