Benazir Bhutto and her Silent Assassins!!

Two assassinations in two different era’s but with so much commonalities! Even if I was not the believer of the theory “History repeats itself”,, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and John F Kennedy made me a firm believer of this. To my surprise when I started looking for motives, the execution and the actors involved in them, my belief became more stronger than ever.

Both being versatile, inspiring and committed made the same mistake…….going against the norms of dirty politics internally and externally and what a coincidence that their assasins left a trail which became a dead end after every new turn. First the crime scene……multiple shooters. In both the cases it has still remained a mystery that who fired the decisive shot. Where in Dallas an open ride, slow speed and the absence of secret service sealed JFK’s fate, at Liaquat Bagh an unplanned route with a sudden mob, no backup squad and a long distance shooter/hit man turned the tide. The commonalities are long and precisely the same all along the way.

For JFK Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby went to the grave with the mystery key while for BB Baitullah, Khalid Shahanshah and Rehman Dakait played this part. The postmortem, doctors account and the official versions gave a clear matching profile for both the leaders/victims. I mean how can the history be so cruel yet identical.

The motive behind the killings is another twist in the tale. JFK, being bold and courageous, held the button for the whole international power structure in his hand while BB was perceived to be the ice breaker of the so called “ Great Game of the Region”. Kennedy denied his enthusiastic nuclear ambitious lobby a show down in 1962 Cuban missile crisis, reached out to USSR in an unthinkable “Peaceful Co-Existence Move”,, both being the pills too bitter to swallow. This followed by his agenda over Vietnam sealed his turn as not only the President but also as a living human. With BB it was no different. Being in exile and away from public sentiments she got trapped between a dictator and his backers across the Atlantic. Once back she knew that with her burden of legacy, she could not please her guarenteers. She was from the masses and that’s how she wanted to be. The difference is only here that in my view JFK was never of the view that his own agency will take him down but in BB’s case she was aware that her SILENT ASSASINS have got nearer to her.

Both were tragedies of the highest magnitude. US went on to commit its biggest stupidity of an all out war in Vietnam and nuclear pile up only to realize 10 years later (1973) that both paths lead to no where. For Pakistan only 2 years have passed but it seems that the architects have planned a pay back on much severe terms. We are at war with an enemy which is neither our own (As we don’t own them) nor it’s a foreign perceived element ( As our government considers it a sin to name foreign intruders). The governance or the foreign policy has neither the reflection of BB(roti, kapra aur makaan) nor it has any fruit for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. A bitter truth.

For long I kept on sorting a question regarding the real/silent assassins of Ms Bhutto. I was stuck in a dilemma which is faced by a rabbit…….when he has to choose between a lion and a crocodile. Was it the one who executed the killing and his fellows scattered around the globe or is it the deliverers who were suppose to guard her values? I mean like the situation of the rabbit I was hanging by the wire and ultimately I went toward entity……..her deliverers. They were to fight for her and those 180 million for whom she used to fight. Five year term, top offices…..this was already decided for her, but she went against it. So how can this be the merit of guarding her will?. Her assasins are here, right within us and some abroad too, but the fear of the whole revelation has stopped their identification. UN probe or any other can find nothing, and it is well known to every one asking for it. It is simply to delay it for a better day when no one will have the time to question it. How unfortunate that we lost such a brave woman, with her unmatched dedication and wisdom in this way……..from Liaquat Ali Khan to Zulfikar A Bhutto, all along the path we have been deprived but undoubtedly it’s the BB’s loss which has become the turning point.

May ALLAH rest her soul in peace and give us courage to ask ourselves for who and which purpose she sacrificed her life………Ameen!

2 thoughts on “Benazir Bhutto and her Silent Assassins!!”

  1. Pakistan will not grow if there are bomblasts on daily basis. Who would want to invest in our country. We must cater these terrorists first and than live a moderate life with space for ethically liberal elements by keeping a braod mind. Respect others and gain respect.

  2. We will never find the truth and we do not have courage to see faces of killers. I will not be surprised to see some of our top leaders involved or killers are known to them.

    Point is what we are going to do now. Are we allow ourselves to be continuousley emotionally blackmailed? Lets work to correct our behaviour in guidance from Quran and not o be misled by big names


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