Benazir Beyond Assassination

As the initial shocks, glooms, fears, and blizzards of emotions have passed, different people are throwing different viewpoints from different sides. The diehard supporters of Pakistan People’s Party are the same old Bhutto Lovers, and for them this loss is irreparable, while Pervez Elahi thinks that the most irreparable loss for them is the installation of Asif Ali Zardari as the new chief of PPP.

Majority of Pakistanis have mixed feelings about this. It was understandable when in the initial first week which followed the ghastly assassination of Benazir; people termed as the perfect women and mentioned nothing but only greatest values and characteristics of her. It’s fascinating to see how whenever such unexpected assassinations occur, the sentiments of sympathy rule high. Almost all the people feel the need to rush on to pretend that everybody is saying the person that was murdered was perfect, despite nobody having claimed they were in the first place.

It’s equally evident from the history, which isn’t that ancient that in her two times as Prime Minister, her performance in the regard of “Roti, Kapra aur Makan” was dismal, and worthless. She simply did nothing for the poor, and she didn’t accomplish any thing worth-mentioning despite of tall claims. Her eras were fraught with corruption and mismanagement, and dung of horses was everywhere.

But this doesn’t mean that her untimely and horrendous slaying shouldn’t be mourned. She was cherished by millions of people throughout Pakistan, and whatever, she was there to contest the elections. Her assassination not only damaged her party but also damaged the image, morale and economy of the country domestically and abroad.

The name Bhutto started out as a symbol of the people, but in recent years, was a symbol of capitalism and the bourgeoisie and now once again it has become the symbol of people and sacrifice.

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