Benazir and Qadeer

I am at loss why people are raising so much hue and cry over the Benazir’s statement in US, that once in power, she would first let Zardari loose on the national exchequer, and only then she would hand over Dr. Qadeer to the American puppy, which generally goes by the name of ‘IAEA’. AND BEWARE, she wont’ accept any ‘PRESSURE’ from outside.

Now where would you get such a brazenly brave leader on the planet? The problem with you guys and gals is that you have developed a habit of criticizing anything with the label US. Have you got the guts to stand in front of Americans and say, “I will not accept outside pressure, mind ya dude, I am telling you and I am giving you my word upon the cherry-studded ice-cream?” Have you got the nuts to so audaciously offer a dying old man, who was once the hero of an apathetic nation to the sadists vultures of nuclear proliferation just to rule a poor nation once again?

And stop this clamoring and outcrying, as I want to enjoy my slumber and apathy. What’s your problem exactly? Look at that pinkish lady, how hard she is working just for your developing people? How hard she is travelling from one corner of the globe to the other. If she puts her one leg in London, then her another leg remains in New York, while Abu Dhabi rocks.

She believes that she is now just two speeches away from becoming a 3rd time prime minister of your country, and you are still wishing that Supreme Court will pull an angel from its hat for you. How cutely naive of you.

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