Benazir A Security Risk?

Former Pakistani prime minister is a spineless creature. Her father was a great man, who sacrificed even his life for the country. Her father was a man, who was one of the founder of the great atomic programme of this country. Her father is famous for his leadership, courage, martyrdom, atomic programme, and she is notorious for her corruption, her husband, lies, deals and lust for kursi.

She has recently said in one of her address in America that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the real hero behind Pakistan’s proud atomic programme should be dealt with strict hands, she also assured her masters that if she succeeds in grabbing the kursi, no matter how, she would present Dr. Qadeer in a plate to her masters in a plate. She said that she would all direct investigation from Dr. Qadeer to the foreign powers. Anything for Kursi.

This is a very alarming and dangerous news for Pakistani that Benazir Bhutto is ready to throw Dr. Qadeer in front of the foreign powers. He is the same Dr. Qadeer, who was invited by her father from Holland, was given all sorts of facilities and said that Pakistani nation is ready to eat grass, but we need an atomic programme. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto said to respectable doctor that we need an atomic bomb in any case and nation is ready to sacrifice everything and Doctor obliged and now we have that exquisite and esteemed power for our defence.

Due to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, our atomic programme is much advanced, efficient, secure and safer than the India, and due to that atomic programme Zulfiqar was hanged. Dr. Qadeer never bowed in to any pressure and he made it through and now we are a responsible atomic power. India and other enemies than created a fake network across the world to defame Pakistan and Doctor Qadeer. This goes to the credit of Musharraf government that they haven’t given Dr. Qadeer to foreign power, but Benazir can do any thing to come into the power.

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