Bellowing Hosts of Our Premier

As the state visit of our Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani enters into its last leg, the American newspapers are trumpeting high against the Pakistan’s role in the war against terror, and they are pressurizing hard on the Pakistani officials, and the central intelligence agency of America has put up many things in front of the bewildered premier.

Premier must not get worried, as CIA is master in fabricating such things, and he should stick to his principled stand. He must not get intimidated and impression of the America must not deter him, but the lame duck prime minister is not up to the mark to do the needful, and one has to weep to the “infinite” wisdom of the Asif Ali Zardari to enforce such an idiot as Prime Minister on our heads, who cannot control a simple speech over the state television.

CIA official, Stephen R. Kappes, the agency’s deputy director, has also visited the land of the pure, and he has given enough ammo to the hawks in the Washington to intimidate the PM, and one only wonders what premier has promised in front of the bellowing officials of the Pentagon.

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