Belligerency Won’t Take us Anywhere

Leveling allegations against Pakistan will not resolve terror issue and Americans must puff sense into the belligerent Indians and Indian government must urge the Indian media to play responsible role. But India is quoting Americans’ role and there is a possibility that it might follow that, which would be lethal for the region.

The Pentagon has sent Special Operations forces into Pakistan to attack suspected militant targets, partly in an attempt to stop the militants from crossing the border into Afghanistan, where they are helping fuel an increasingly robust Taliban insurgency. The White House has adopted a clear position to justify those attacks: if a country cannot deal with a terrorism problem on its own, the United States reserves the right to act unilaterally. Now India wants to do that, according to India media.

Then the Pakistan will be left with no option but to shift forces away from its western border areas and back to its eastern border. So its in the interest of Americans to control and diffuse the situation.

Once again, India should see through the smoke and try to clean up its own act and find the causes and effects of Mumbai attacks in its own backyard.

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  1. Wednesday, 03 December 2008
    Zil Hajj 04, 1429

    Islamabad Demands Indian Govt. to Hand Over Wanted Indian Terrorists

    ISLAMABAD: Islamabad has prepared a list of some 35 top terrorists, involved in a number of terror activities in Pakistan and is set to hand over the names to Delhi seeking an early arrest and handing over of the accused to Pakistan, the British daily The ‘Daily Mail’ reported on Wednesday.

    According to well-placed sources, the list has been prepared by the Pakistan Foreign Office and the Ministry of Interior, with the assistance of police and intelligence authorities, in the backdrop of the investigations of different incidents of terrorism and sabotage in different parts of the country.

    The list was actually prepared many weeks ago but was not given to India with the intentions of gearing up peace process. But, the sources said, now, after India failed to handle the situation sensibly and has instead started asking Pakistan to hand over 20 so called Pakistanis, who it says are involved in numerous terror activities in India. Pakistan has decided to come up with a matching response and has decided to ask India to hand over at least 35 leading terrorists, who were found to be directly or indirectly involved in a number of terrorist activities in Pakistan.

    It is learnt that Islamabad is also sending a copy of this list to Washington to bring it to the notice of US authorities and to clarify the actual state of affairs in the backdrop of the Indian allegations in this regard while it is also under consideration to release a detailed report in this direction for the consumption of anti-terror war allies.

  2. Wednesday, 03 December 2008
    Zil Hajj 04, 1429

    Israeli Rescue Group Blames India for Jews Killed in Mumbai

    Updated at: 1455 PST

    MUMBAI: A rescue group from Israel has claimed that Indian commandos inadvertently killed some of the hostages in the terror attacks in Mumbai, and the claim has evidently embarrassed both governments.

    “Based on what I saw, (although) I can’t identify the type of bullets in the bodies (of the victims), I don’t think the terrorists killed all the hostages, to put it gently,” Haim Weingarten, head of the six-member team of Zaka voluntary organisation dealing with rescue and recovery, told an Israeli newspaper.

    Weingarten told the newspaper from Mumbai that all the six Jewish and Israeli hostages found dead in the Chabad House were killed by either gunshot wounds or shrapnel from grenade blasts, or both, and that he didn’t know who threw or fired the grenades that wounded the hostages.

    Private rescue group from Israel has claimed that Indian commandos inadvertently killed some of the hostages in the terror attacks in Mumbai.

    The claim had embarrassed the Israeli government, which is worried about its fallout on ties with the Indian government.

  3. Pakistani politicians should play it safe, I think before this saga ends alot of twists and turns can be speculated. All conjured up maybe since in present world proven evidence is a joke. The big players can turn tables any given time.


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