Behind the cards

That long dark night has not ended yet as the first ray of dawn still is awaited to reach the social sector blessing the Pakistani polity. Though Musharraf has resigned after a long abide but still there are no signs of progress in any context. It seems a military dictator is replaced by a civilian who is not even member of National Assembly. The powers that are assigned to the Parliament and Prime Minister of Pakistan are seen used by Asif Ali Zardari Co-chairperson of PPP. All the domestic and foreign dealings are taking place in Zardari House without any consultation. It validates that the most fundamental aspect of democracy has not been instated in Pakistan yet.

Previously it was always contented by the top coalition partners that Musharraf was the immense obstacle that he had incapacitated them to take adjudications of their choice. But now it’s apparent that Musharraf was not the hurdle. It was and still is Zardari House. The old mantra projected by PPP for reinstating the sacked judges minus Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudary through a constitutional amendment is on the old vivacity. However a new element appended is the grand constitutional indemnity for Musharraf actions that were part of the deal furnishing a safe exit. Musharraf left Pakistan’s political stage in the hands of those people whom he had pledged to cleanse the polity of.

In the present developments one can apprehend suspicions on Zardari about the reinstatement of judge’s issue. It is apparent that this issue is used by PPP to pressurize PML-N in general and Nawaz Sharif in specific. It is truly pathetic that Pakistan once again has fallen into the hands of self centered individuals. It is vague that why Zardari craves for the post of presidency to this degree. If the power assigned to president under article 58-2b are to be abolished then what bigger game is played behind the cards by Zardari? Due to this stance of PPP the talks between coalition partners has almost halted and PPP for this reason is losing its credibility by large. The good will gesture and sprit marked by PPP after Musharraf resignation did not sustain another 24 hours as PPP has been violating its promises again and again.

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