Begum Nawazish Ali

If you haven’t ever watched the program “Begum Nawazish Ali”, I don’t hope that you wouldn’t have even ever heard of it from other people.

To say it is a talk show seems very interesting as well. Normally the talk shows are unable to get much attention of the viewers. Actually the idea for the show is same as of the other talk shows but what makes it interesting to watch is the BEGUM NAWAZISH ALI, a lad dressed as a woman. This is the attraction of the program.

If a girl is interviewing a person, she is supposed to remain in limits when it is the Pakistani media, but this program is taking advantage. The Begum Sahiba can talk whatever rubbish that comes into his mind. The dresses are sometimes very embarrassing and what she talks is most of the time very discomforting. So you cannot watch this program with your family.

Question that rises in my mind is that…. Why people like Begum Nawazish Ali when they even hate the “hijjras”. Actually he is posing a modernized version of that. What do you say?

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  1. This is a very recent phenonmenon in Pakistan that people who drink come out and say yeaa we do.. those who are plagued with any sort of moral decadence have started to pride themselves in it that saying ” at least we are not hypocrates”. I know for a fact where this sleaze came from but that wouldnt be appropriate to mention here. The point is, if you have gutts to womanize, drink, kill, cross-dress etc etc please stay indoors and let no one hear/see or feel it. You will do a better service to society and may Allah SW forgives all of us! Ameen

  2. its a pity! well natasha and rania have got lesbian culture actually, thats why (as they said) they are fighting against the islamic culture, the nation will die sooner if we lose the grip of Quran and ISlam, even Im a broadminded but I hadnt fiddled with my EEEEEMMAAAAN coz this word worths….
    U girls are actually not the responsible for what u said, Fundamentally u have got such culture at ur home by the way, I have been america for many years but still i didnt broaden my mind like u, hope this will help u to have a nose dip (CHULLU BHAR PANI MAIN DOOB MARNA).
    The day of JUDGMENT isnt Far, everyone has to pay what he/she’s done.

    I KNOW no1 can keep me Quiet, coz IM RIGHT> > > > > >

    i completely agree with you, and iam very happy that we still got people like you in this world to fight back and disagree with all the wrong ideas people intend to have …

  4. Disgusting!!!!!!!! its gonna be window to allow the rays of vulgarity in home. this prog must be closed!! i m worried about meera that she chose a life partner having same qualities she possess. It’s not neccessary to take a part in westeren media in such way, we have our own culture to show. islam doesn’t allow man to wear woman’s clothes and woman to man’s clothes. take hold of ur HADITH and QURAN

  5. @ Natasha…Broadening vision doesn’t mean that you crioss the defind limits for it. It is higly condemned in Islam for a man to pretend like a woman and so for the woman. I think you need to strengthen some Islamic concepts…..

  6. You need to have a stronger argument than that. He only cross-dresses. And mostly, the people would love looking at the guy than actually hearing what he has to say. His talks are mostly meaningful unlike the Salam namaste crap by Mishi Khan. I do not dislike Ali Saleem. Begum Nawazish Ali is iconic. Has the courage to stand up for what he believes in. We need to stop getting jealous of everyone who is better than us. Secretly you all want to do what your heart desires but nobody would go out to actually break the taboos. Stop making such posts and start working on yourself. Lets give you a direction, gather better points then alleging the guy for talking rubbish.

    It’s a shame that people who think we’ve forgotten our values can’t spell for life. Broaden your vision. If it’s bothering you that much, use your remotes.

  7. yup,,,you are right.Actually we have forgot our religion.when nation forget their moral values then things comes out like Begum Nawazish Ali.

  8. i agree with you..yes he is the most hated person.he has lost his identity as he is not a male nor a female.we should discourage this type of programs that are spreading vulgarity among young generation.


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