Beginners and Experts

I read somewhere a quote by someone which goes like this, “In the mind of a beginner, possibilities are endless; in the mind of an expert, there are few.” Perhaps that is why because experts already know it all or assume that they know it all and close off the mystery and possibility and chance to learn anew or relearn a thing more appropriately.

It has a lot to do with curiosity. To achieve excellence in any field, there are two million dollar keys: being a master of learning and a master of curiosity. More often than note the persons who considers themselves “nifty,clever, highly qualified, master to run projects and even enterprises,and so think that they should be able to handle any technology stuff themselves. So they mess around with it for a while and sometimes even mess it up.

In my opinion, whenever one has to learn new thing or start new thing, he should approach it with a beginner mindset. Because a beginner seeks wise counseling , he reaches out to other people who have been there, done that. The major quality of a tyro is his inquiring, curious mind. A beginner doesn’t have the ego to resist something new. Letting the ego go is hard, and depends on self-esteem and self-confidence. A typical beginners show sentiments like “Wow, this is cool! I wonder how it works?”,”That is interesting! Why do you think that?”,”I want to learn as much as I can about this topic!”, and most importantly,”I can’t wait to get in front of customers to hear what is important to them”.

What else could be there? Tell me more and I would be obliged.

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