Begging Weakens

The US assistant secretary of state has put ice cold water on the hopes of the Pakistani leaders that they are not going to get any financial aid from the ‘Friends of Pakistan’ consortium. Boucher told the top Pakistani leadership that the ‘Friends of Pakistan’ forum that Washington played a key role in setting up would offer ‘strategic support’ but would not put hard cash down on the table.

That has sewn the lips of the Pakistani leaders, especially the president Zardari who was really proud of his accomplishment in the New York last month besides of having a shake hand with Sarah Palin.

We must abolish this practice of bidding our hopes on others. Policymakers and rulers in the government do not have the luxury to indulge constantly in rhetoric and begging. For the positions that they acquire through public vote, the parliamentarians opt for a constitutional undertaking to be responsible for competent management of state and society through appropriate laws, structures and processes and opportunities to raise funds and not by begging.

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  1. Well, you guys let the military screw both yourselves and the US for some decades, and now you’re begging for money?

    Hmm, holding some hostages that are fellow citizens of our country then begging for our stuff is wise?

    Epic fail…

  2. Pakistani people include me, have never time management, mostly don’t care the garbage, don’t care their kitchen, because they have servants. and they feel the shame to do work by own hands.
    American people and European’s have their success due to their own hands, while Pakistan is still want to be successful country by the help of others hands.

    Here the people do not want to be socialist, socialism can change the society, if society changed, country will also changed. This change mean positive change.

    Some are said, due to poverty, people can not think about their home cleanness, they do not think about street garbage, because their own clothes are also unclean. how and why they think for street cleanness. Indeed, here people are not care full about their time management and do not want to be involve in society fairness.

    But another scenario is rich and big giants, who living is nice homes, big villas, and very clean area. they are happy with their life, they have lot of money, but they also have lake of time management, lake of their sense, i know they are doctors engineers, but not socialists. they could not touch their kitchen, they do not want to use their hands for collect the leaves of Tree in their home or garden.

    Simply we can say, Pakistani people can not move forward until they do not try to change own self.

    Nowadays, Political situation saying, “our self has been died”
    They have begging weakens.

  3. 1. Despite my love and respect for Pakistan, i would never advocate that military should ever come into power again. The damage done to the army from outside and from within by the policies of Mr Musharraf almost brought army to the brink of a revolution from within the ranks. And if that had happened, the country really would have been in shambles for sure. As in any military rule in pakistan, the institution bearing the maximum is the Army itself. A common soldier / officer just wants to live his life with the code of conduct of a warrior and not be involved in any political activity. Trust me on this. Why the reaction from within has ever occurred if that be the case? Simply the army is too discp to do that. But then again there was limits to everything. Better not test the limitation of the honor of a soldier by subjecting him to another military role, humiliating his existence in his very own country. Just my Opinion:D
    2. Coming over to the revolution part. A British assessment of the people of Indo-Pak simply says,” Give them enough so that they don’ die, but the hope for more in future should always upheld. Do not let that hope die, if it did, there will be a revolution” My personal opinion is that we are still way too far from a revolution. People are dying, but not yet from starvation. The hope for a better future still remains in the hearts of the people of Pakistan. Its manifestation can be seen in the result of the previous elections. Instead of kicking these time tested corrupt politicians into the Arabian Sea, we have brought them back to power. With the hope that they will do something for us, meaning by that the hope is still alive. As long as this hope will remain, there will be no revolution. Optimistic attitude still prevails in the people of Pakistan. Optimism is the antidote to a Revolution. People of Pakistan will atleast try another 4-5 govts before they lose all hopes and then may be, MAY BE there is a revolution.
    Another problem with revolution is that it needs a theology, a leader who leads people through and rise above the dust and smoke kicked up in the chaos to put things back on track. Atleast I dont see anyone with that caliber today. That is why i believe that a revolution is still not in the air.
    We still are at the stage of identification of problems, and wanting someone to come and eradicate them for us. Let the hope die ….. there will be a revolution.:D

  4. its a bloody basket case…..we need the money badly to alleviate the liquidity crisis and to consolidate our ever-growing budget deficits….

    but at the same time –there is no dignity in begging bowls. Flying to dubai, saudia, china etc. and even consulting with the evil IMF!!!

    it harms our national pride…..only under military rule will Pakistan be in good shape. Military is most disciplined institution with command structure, and roles played. We need a military leader who is still sensitive to the needs of the people. Zardari is a joke. He means well (i would hope) but he is a joke.

    His statement about Kashmir enraged me and my people. I could kill him after he said what he said. We will also liberate Kashmir God-willing –from the hindu army.

    We are ripe for revolution in Pakistan. And we must find a way to bring back foreign-based Pakistanis. You guys have no idea how many succesful Pakistanis there are overseas. We need them home ASAP –for the sake of capital, knowledge and contribution. How we do that is the question.

  5. thanks for the appreciation .. but what i dont understand is that Add of the YRG’s visit to China on PTV… i think …. it shoes a lot of stuff then they show Mr Chota Bhutto (Palin) Zardari …. signing something ….. What is the Chota’s contribution towards Pakistan – China friendship ….. why is PPP govt pushing their leaders on us rather than the people deciding it for themselves ….
    Just a question .. will we have worse govt than this ….. ?????

  6. Never before in history have we been so blatantly humiliated. Here we are begging anyone with money to please give us something. Anything. Please. And here they are, making us go down on our knees and still refusing to put anything in our hat. The Z man visits USA and asks for forgiveness for crimes Pakistan has not even committed. They say what have you done about the ISI. He ays …. SIR, We had it placed under the Interior ministry, but then someone reminded us that is cannot be done, there is no concept of an international intelligence agency under a domestic protocol. Sir we had to change the decision and had to blame it on an erroneous notification. But sir we assure you we will have it under control. Then the emperor asked, what about our demand of allowing your land for our use. He says, sir … my lord, we have not refused you. But please dont make it public. Please reward this much for our complete submission. U may land troops, or the air, we wont bother you with it. then the emperor asks, what about that commander in chief, we have heard that he is speaking alot, then the Z man says …. my lord … he is new, he will learn the system. Just give him one more chance, and if he still does not comply, i will change him sire….
    Then the emperor says …. Goood …. gooood … Z man … i am happy with you … we will let your govt live … after all .. you are in this for power … just as we are for global domination …..
    the z man says … Sire …. can i have some money …. my policies have destroyed the economy .. people are dying of hunger and cost of living has sky rocketed …… on this the emperor says … NO ….. no money for you or your people ……. i have given you enough … i have blessed your govt ….. why are you worried about the people .. as long as i am there … no one can hurt you … 😀 …… so stop asking for money like a fuc***** begger ….. and go back to your country …… and do what i have told you to do …….
    the Z man comes back with no money .. the other people of his tribe look at his empty pocket and say … worry not Z man … head north and beg for money … we have heard that the yellows have loads of money ….
    Then the Z man heads north and meets the head of the yellow tribe ….. he gives him a warm welcome, gives him good food ….. a warm bed …. next day Z man asks the yellow master for money … the yellow master replies (as translated) … Z man i only gave you warm welcome since you have come from South … other than that you have no worth of your own. My people tell me that you are one of the most corrupt persons the south has ever seen …. i cannot risk giving you money … however, if you need help in building something in that Pakistan of yours .. ask for it ….. on that the Z man says ….. shoot .. but i need money …. the yellow master says ..NO .. i am sure you will eat it all your self and will not help the people of the South ……
    The Z man comes back empt handed …and then asks his deputy ( the impotent) YRG….. to go to the Yellows again and beg ……. YRG says .. but master of corruption … you have only just come back …. and they have refused …. what would i do …
    the Z man says …… i do not care …. just get the money … beg borrow steal … i dont care … get me some cash ……..

    this is the story so far …
    in the next episode I will tell you how YRG goes to the yellow master again and begs for money (in the garb of meeting other masters also) just as the Z man did when he went to meet the emperor .. 😀
    till then ….


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