Beggars: The Professional Parasites

One of the most humiliating and difficult profession to adopt, is beggary. It requires sacrifice of human ego and integrity. It needs great courage and tolerance to accept disdain, contempt, insulting remarks and abuse from other fellow beings. But once these absurdities are taken for granted, they drift in human genes like a parasite and travels along with generation after generation.

Amongst 170 million citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 25 million are professional baggers, which vindicate our social and economic bankruptcy. These figures are alarmingly multiplying and are responsible for eating up our resources, like parasites.

Professional beggary is a curse rather than compulsion due to necessities of life. These baggers with time become so arrogant that no one can easily escape without complying their demand of charity. They have more than one hundred thousand of tricks up their sleeves to melt a very tough hearted guy. They are Ph.D. in the art of squeezing bucks from the most miser person specially women folk.

These baggers live in a well organized community by adhering to their own customs, rules and regulations. This community also indulges in heinous crimes of kidnapping newly born and under age children to use them for their profession. For this purpose these heartless butchers artificially mutilate the limbs of their victims and deform their different parts of the body to make them look more miserable and deserving to receive alms.

They also intoxicate children between the ages of one to five years so that they look sick and attract sympathies of kind hearted people. The men of this tribe play the role of supervision while woman entertain people with their songs and shameful sexual gestures while advancing towards their spectators and admirers. They do not hesitate to steel or robe innocent people.

These professional baggers suck the hard earned money of God fearing people like leaches. Although government, at different times has promulgated laws to stop their activities, yet no serious endeavours were ever made to eradicate them. As a matter of fact, these professional beggars have the full support of some very high class and powerful elites, in and out side government, who get their share of the booty regularly.

These baggers live a nomadic and gypsy style of life. They move according to different seasons and festivals from place to place in different groups by allocating different places to different groups. Living in their “Juggies” (Camps) they maintain a high standard of living compared to the upper middle class. Their temporary aboard (Juggies) is well furnished, carpeted and full of modern accessories like TV, Fridge, VCR, Deck etc: Each of them carries a costly Mobile phone in order to keep in touch with each other in case of commotion or just for pleasure.

This community enjoys all the comforts and luxuries of life with out much ado, labour and free of cost; which means that 25,000,000; blood suckers are causing an irreparable damage to our soaring economy. Moreover they deprive the most deserving noble poor, who do not extend their hand to beg alms or charity for shame of loosing their dignity and honour. In the present economic predicament, where poverty trodden nobles are in a state of shock and embarrassment and deserve our blessings, the existence of professional baggers is an unpardonable crime.

Now is the over ripe time to completely eradicate these professional PARASITES once for ever, along with their patrons. After all China eliminated same number of opium addicts which they described as “Minor operation on the ailing body of Chinese”.

9 thoughts on “Beggars: The Professional Parasites”

  1. Offer a beggar some work and see how quickly he (or she) will run in the other direction…hehehehehe….hohohohoho….hahahahahahahahaha…. want to know how i got these scars? My father…was…a drinker, and a fiend. And one night, he goes off caaazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself. He doesn’t like that. Not…one…BIT. So…me watching, he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it. He turns to me…and he says…”WHY SO SERIOUS?”. He comes at me with the knife…”WHY SO SERIOUS?!”. Sticks the blade in my mouth…”LET’S PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE!”…aaaand…why so serious?

  2. good piece of writing…hohohoh.. beggars are lazy asses who do not want to get off their lazy ass and do some work.. how many times do you hear them cursing under their breath when you DO give them some money…ungrateful f###….NEVER give them money……..the best part is when one will sit with a medical report ALL YEAR LONG gaining good alms..hahahahahaha

  3. Buddah Yusha, don’t give money to a beggar on the street. In any case, they can easily get all the food they want in Edhi Centres. Give your charity to Edhi or many other charitable organizations in the country where the poor are given free food.

  4. Why do people (particularly Muslim women) give money to beggars? Is it because they think that this is one way of pleasing Allah? If it pleases anyone at all, it is the men who are in charge of the little beggar children, from whom they take away the money that has been collected.


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