Before We Perish….

There are some realities in this wide world, which cannot be over-looked or refuted. We cannot change or control everything in our world, but we can change our responses and not contribute to the problem. We could also foretell the implications of certain actions to prevent the mistakes and blunders of past, and we could also assess the gravity of the matters at hand to resolve the issues.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with our current lot, which rules us.

Much of governance practice has to do with empowerment and responsibility based on awareness and consciousness. Principles and the vision are key factors when it comes to the governance, but our politicos, especially those who get the lever of power are unaware of this fact and they always let us down royally.

There’s nothing like a suicide bombing to puncture the pieties and moral certainty of the deeply religious. But even that has become a routine in the motherland and this is the time to ponder and for introspection. We have to face us to get ourselves out of this dire situation, before we perish.

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