Befooling the Nation!

What is going on in our country? Like the issue of the Chief Justice Iftikhar Hussain… Though it is a serious matter, but what common people have to do with it. The other politicians especially the opposition is now polishing their own politics. But still what we have to do with it.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed has declared a strike for tomorrow that is on the 21st of March. There would be rallies carried on from the Kachehri Road Rawalpindi, so tomorrow the roads would be blocked and the nation would face difficulty. Two days before the Road from Choor Chowk to the Peerwadhai Moar were blocked in Rawalpindi due to some other religious convention.

And tomorrow again the situation would be worse. If this keeps on happening, the law and order situation is a few days far. Everyone uses the issue for his own concern and befool the nation.

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