Bedlam in Karachi Leaves Two Dead

Naeem Qureshi has said that the Sindh High Court Bar Association hasn’t attacked the Legal Aid Committee of MQM, and MQM is just exploiting the situation just to appease their vested interest and to earn their salt in front of General (r) Pervez Musharraf.

MQM would be disappointed as just two people have been died and handful are injured while only two dozens of vehicles and one building has been torched and they have failed to repeat the performance of 12th May. They may not get that pat on the back from the President House this time, but they have succeeded in contributing their share in damaging the lawyers movement.

Karachi is an unfortunate city as it is in the black grip of this terrorist organization, which knows no ethics and no values and they are the bloodiest opportunists who have have no mercy on anyone. They are the puppets in the hands of a dictator and they have unveiled themselves and have blown the so-called reconciliation with the PPP.

This should calm the reconciliation spree of Asif Ali Zardari a bit.

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