Beauty Secrets

Beauty is not skin deep, a real beauty has more secret attributes to her than the naked eye can see. Attributes that combine to make a really beautiful individual are

Beauty Secret number one is Confidence……this takes you right to the centre of things, when you have it you belong everywhere, so what will give you confidence? Good looks plus good grooming; but that is not all. Confidence means that when you are faced with an embarrassing situation, you should not get panicky and you should know how to make the best of the situation. Confidence in other words means to be self assured always.

Watch your manners……another important beauty secret, play watchdog about your own mannerisms and try to push them out of your life. Recognize an ugly mannerism when you see one. Here are some to watch out for.

– Scratching face, nose, head, legs, hands
– Digging your nose
– Biting fingernails lock of hair, knuckles
– Rubbing, arms, forehead, chin, back of neck
– Chewing lips, tongue, foreign objects
– Twisting hands hair, ring, jewellery
– Blinking or squinting you eye
– Tapping desk or table with nail, pencil etc.
– Foot swinging and toe tapping
– Staring into space.
– Leaning on walls, doors and other people

Try to be always happy which is not just cheerfulness or disorder, but genuine enjoyment of life. All of us have our bad moments, but real charmers do not cling to them. They know that it is better to be happy than unhappy because happiness attracts people like bees to honey, another beauty secret for you.

Try to have good thoughts: Worry, anxiety, hatred and mistrust play havoc with emotional and physical health. Good thoughts are helpful allies towards maintaining beauty. Don’t dwell on ugly thoughts, whenever they make an entry into your mind; quickly switch over to some constructive thinking. To have a clean mind remove the unwanted thoughts of envy, jealousy, humiliation, anger, disappointment, sadness.

Take time for prayer and meditation. Meditation, an effective and closely guarded beauty secret, is of tremendous value for maintaining mental and spiritual health. Prayer and meditation are food for the soul, strength for the body and health for the mind.

Your posture is another one of beauty secret: A bad posture not only affects your personality but also your health. If the body is allowed to sag, the lungs get compressed and the oxygen intake is limited. This also gives rise to improper digestion of food. Therefore, always learn to walk and carry yourself gracefully.

Kindness: This secret of great beauties is lacking in today’s world. A kind world, a helping hand besides giving you inner serenity opens wide the floodgates of goodwill and fellow feeling.

Alert and knowledgeable mind: For this you need to develop a general interest in what goes on around you by keeping abreast with current news, keeping up with latest fashions and trying to know something about latest books, this is another beauty secret. Everyone loves an intelligent and lively person; no one cares for a dumb beauty.

Relaxation: Practice this beauty secret to fight fatigue and emotional disturbances. Chronic worrying brings sleep ness in its wake causing wrinkles on your face. Therefore, learn to relax at all times.

Pleasant voice: It is a beauty secret and an asset which attracts people. So, cultivate a soft, gentle voice. Tone it with sincerity and polish it to a pleasing pitch and see that your conversation is always pleasant. Be free from ugly gossip.

All the above beauty secrets are like glowing pearls which is cultivated will always make you the beloved of all.

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  1. Really impressive….If we all act upon these tips we’ll make our homeland a better place….lets not look to each other for starting..lets start from our ownself. I take my step today InshAllah 🙂

  2. an excellent thought i am sure if any one would follow it will rreally get a beautiful soul as wall as a beutiful face for presenting before people


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