Be Realistic in Employment

In your career you could be employed in a corporate sector, or self-employed. Nowadays, self-employment, freelancing, full time bloggers and such have become the buzzwords. They comprise a major part of Web 2.0, or is it Bubble 2.0? There are many preachers of self-employment, work at home present in the web 2.0 era. The charm of this slogan is surely very attractive, but one needs to be very aware of oneself first. Working for oneself is far more difficult than working for others.

It surely needs a natural tendency to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone is cut out for the life of working for oneself. Not only is being an entrepreneur costly, nerve-wracking, mind-boggling, life-busting, and awfully hard work, but because of the way our economy is at present, it’s simply impossible for everyone to be one.

When considering employment, fresh graduates and workers with little experience, common skills, and low savings, should look at plethora of options, including those that involve working in the corporate world. At the end of the day, most people will end up employed in a more conventional work environment, so its wiser to develop the skills and the attitude that allow you to succeed and achieve your professional objective by keeping the corporate scenario in the mind.

In the east, one only gets a degree (any degree) to get a job and a girl (or boy for that matter). We normally don’t plan our careers. We like to follow the stereotypes. But the infusion of web in our lives is changing this scenario steadily. Now graduates are seriously thinking about starting their own start-up. But when they look at the job market, economy and instability, their hopes get tarnished. Its very hard in Pakistan to start one’s own business. It requires lots and lots of will, bravery, perseverance and hard work and some mean of economic sustenance.

If you graduated from a Pakistani institute, and now have finally got a job and have managed to spend some time in any enterprise, you must be getting about your flare, energy and potential. So don’t lose it, get the monthly salary from your organization, do their work in day, and come home in evening and work for yourself. Use your flare, energy, potential and hope for yourself. Sharp your entrepreneurial skills part time, and get as much experience as possible of it, and then decide whether you can do it or not. If you can, there is nothing better than that.

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  1. The approach is recommended even by the west people particularly those that write on productivity and freelancing issues.
    Don’t quit your day job unless you can handle the issues that will surely come your way.

    Good post! I agree that start ups are hard to identify in a country like Pakistan. But then there must be one way to move and that’s forward. India’s case is just the opposite. They have internal threats and changes but those are controlled. Their Govt. is playing a massive role bu letting External investors come to their land. No wonder! their economy is on rise….


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