Be Fit and Smart!

Many people have the tendency to grow fat very soon. These days everyone seems weight and fitness conscious. For all the people who have the problem of gaining weight very easily, I have some tips.

Roti (flour chapatti) is the main thing that helps weight gain. The more you have it, the more weight would you gain. Rice also adds to fats but if boiled, trim down the calories contained. Cheese, burgers, breads all add to the weight.

Milk as heard adds to plumpness. NO…It certainly doesn’t. It only gives strength to the bones. Moreover this adds to the beauty.

But the best way is to have one to two chapattis a day, a cup of milk and more and more fruits. But everything should be taken on proper time. Let you stomach rest and wait for the food. Eating all the time and after short intervals doesn’t let the fats burn.

After having the dinner, go for a walk of about half an hour at normal speed. Don’t have much sugary foods. Also avoid having drinks as coke, sprite etc. Focus on drinking fresh juices.

These some of my tips may help you remain fit and healthy…

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