Be Careful When Dealing With IDPs of Swat

Well undoubtedly, as the operation in Swat and the surrounding area will intensify, so will the flood of displaced natives too, who have fled the fighting. This is a national crisis, and it has been said time and time again in this forum that its our duty to help them out.

I would like to bring to note another important aspect of this episode. The handling of IDPs should not be bound to humanitarian grounds alone. There have been reports that the refugees have moved to different parts, without proper registration. Aren’t we creating the grounds for another wave of terror. Remember its hard to identify the enemy in this warfare, and it will be pretty simple for them to slip pass and move to there objective, of creating terror. I say this because in the episode of Lal Masjid, later it was reported that many of the freed joined this cause in one way or the other.

As far as their care is concerned, I believe the masses and government should ensure that they are not left alone, but a systematic procedure is necessary in dealing with this issue.

Also check the extensive resource page to support Internally Displaced Persons from Swat Crisis

3 thoughts on “Be Careful When Dealing With IDPs of Swat”

  1. a million frustrated functional illiterates running loose in the cities.. unemployed an unemployable….

    Thats the stuff nightmares are made off…

  2. What can you do? These people don’t want to register themselves with NADRA, they don’t like their women to be photographed and in some cases they don’t even know how many children they have. They will settle in the cities and since they have never paid taxes (and have no intention of ever paying them), the cities will not be able to cope with the problem.


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