Be Brave By Stop Smoking Today

Are you thinking of quitting smoking? Are you finding it hard to stop smoking cigarettes? Are you looking into the different ways of giving up smoking? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this article may well be of benefit to you. I am going to write about and give advice about the best ways to quit smoking.

Lets face it smoking is quite an ugly habit to have. People who do smoke are starting to feel like the world is against them as they are being banned from smoking in so many new and different places. Governments around the universe are continually raising the amount of duty they put on cigarettes in an attempt to persuade people to kick the habit.

People who do not smoke look in disgust towards a smoker and at times even pity them. They can only guess at why they volunteer to throw their money down the drain in this way and not to mention the affect it is having on their health. No wonder they look towards a person who smokes as being a bit thick!

If you are smoker you owe it to yourself and your family to stop. Just think about the personal pride that you will feel if you can successfully beat this addiction. As already mentioned smoking is a habit and as we all know any habit is hard to break. Your family and friends will also be very impressed with you and will admire your achievement of quitting such a nasty habit. In the long term it may mean that you have longer to spend with your children and may be the difference of whether you do or you don’t meet your grandchildren. Yes this is how serious it could be.

There are many additional reasons to quit smoking including the fact that it makes your clothes smell, it is a big turn off to most members of the opposite sex, it is very bad for your breath and teeth and it costs a lot of money.

Be brave and stop smoking cigarettes today.

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