Barack Hussein Obama: Black Man in White House

The slogan of “Change” has been installed in United States of America. Barrack Hussein Obama, son of a Kenyan African man has been elected as the president America; the superpower of 21st century. No doubt it is history but still America, the most developed nation in the world, took 223 years to prove that it does believe in equal human rights.

With the black man in white house one will see visible changes in the policies of America reshaping world once again. This recent development reminds me of Pervez Musharraf where in one of his addresses to Pakistani nation, he had mentioned that “western developed world took centuries to implement equal human rights in their countries. Please let us take our time as well.” But due to certain reasons it is obvious that we are not a patriotic nation some way.

We have always been comparing our pace of progress with India, Malaysia, China and other fast developing states but did never appraised what good has been done by our leaders. We unfortunately have been one of those nations that murdered its own leaders, one way or the other, for short term benefits.

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