Bara Suicide Attack

In tehsil Bara in Khyber tribal region today, a suicide bomber attack the office of a religious party. In the attack 10 persons were feared dead and several wounded. The whole area is in the grip of severe tension and people are fleeing the area. The suicide attacker blew himself up at a gate leading to the office of a religious organization.

This is the same Khyber Agency which is in the limelight for some time period, and its strange that one after another all the FATA agencies are coming into limelight for violence and the restive situation. The Khyber Agencies is nearest to the Peshawar city, and it’s suburbs are considered to be a posh area, and the situation is alarming.

The recent suicide attack was carried out by a teenager who blew himself up at the gate of of the office of Tanzeem Amar Bil-maruf wa Nahi An-Al-munkar (Organisation for Promotion of Virtue and Suppression of Vice), in Khyber district near the provincial capital Peshawar. This will fuel up the anger and government should make urgent formations to restore the peace in the area.

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