Bara Burns

Some more 28 Talibans have been killed in the mortar shell attack, and in a recent drone missile attack, many locals have been died, and ironically, the NATO and Pakistani forces have started a joint investigation. They have also started this joke of joint investigation in the Mehmund Agency, where dozens of people died last month in a deadly missile attack by the NATO forces ,which they termed was a mistake.

Now Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and the interior advisor to him Rehman Malik are busy like hell in pleasing the United States Assistant secretary of state, and they are assuring him that the operation would go on and on, and there is no question of peace talks. So much for the peace process initiated by the ANP government of NWFP.

Contrary to what the government claims, the local people of Bara and Khyber Agency stresses that there was no law and order situation in there and nobody challenged the writ of the government, and they were dead against the operation and the claims made by the government.

Now such is the sentiment which is breeding in that area, and it could backlash pretty severely and fatally in Pakistan’s other areas.

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