Bangalore Ka Bin Laden

One story that totally went by and least attention was given to it, although it deserved some flash light was that of Bin Laden recent audio tape and the destination from where it was forwarded. Before we commence any further let me make it clear that neither this story was reported by any Pakistani media channel nor the spy agency of Pakistan had to do anything with this……although our agencies are blamed by our Eastern neighbour even if a child in Mumbai cries in an unusual manner.

According to the details, the recent audio messange of world number1 terrorist came from Bangalore …hmmmm. Not only this a similar message by Al Qaeda chief in 2006 was also traced back to Hyderabad……strange.

Thats not all. Back in 2003 Indian media reported that the Sheikh, as he is commonly known, made a trip across India to meet up with his two wives based in India, and to ailence these reports of bin laden presence in India, the then Indian Army Chief has to go on record to deny this report. On and off Indian media also came up with the story of Bin Laden presence in Indian occupied Kashmir. Isnt it striking???

Who knows that some time soon Bollywood rises to the occasion and comes up with “INDIAN FARHENHEIT 9/11″ as we saw in Hollywood, instead of fabricated stories of ‘smiling india” that we see all the time. MOSAD and RAW are two entities that we always see behind every ordeal, whether its Paksitan, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Afghanistan. Time is near that we will have something like “the hidden truth: RAW and Al Qaeda” on our tables, and certainly this will be the uncovering of the most notorious spy operation ever conducted by any country or its agency.

Having said this I wonder that under the basket of RAW’s inhuman achievement, are we seeing the addition of all the atrocities taking place in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan……certainly a hidden link is there and it is time that UN Security Council should investigate this greatest genocide conducted by the so called democratic, nuclear responsible and our friendly neighbour……..

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  1. @Hamid: Conspiracy? I’ll buy that. Look at all the jobs that have been created since 9/11–Taliban, Blackwater, soldiers and supplies from all over the place, relief agencies, news, news, news, the list goes on and on. Somebody stirring the pot of humanity and turning up the heat?

  2. @all….hw can a conspiracy b ruld out if you hav chainz linking 2 certain events or intention….a possibility cnt b ruld out just for d v reason dat d substance iznt complete bt rather more scanning iz requierd 2 solve puzzles of dis extent….nd dey wil b as i said some time soon

  3. I agree with you, if the tapes of Al-Qaieda are coming from india it realy dose’n matter,if we go back we also saw on T.v that the huge amount of uranium was caught by indian police again it realy dose’n matter to US and other states of the world but the day is not much far away when we will see the relations of Al Qaieda directly goes to so called super power of the world and its love child india…

  4. Yet again another conspiracy hits the charts. I wouldn’t indulge in namedropping but why intelligence agencies couldn’t find this and a TV channel did. We need to stay away from such conspiracy and support the military operation by our armed forces. Our elected government has taken concrete steps against terrorism and we can already see the positive results.

  5. mere joke I must say. Media is an industry and they will sell and make money just like other businesses. Terrorism is something that every country is facing and neibouring countries should help eachother in this fight rather than making a fuss out of it.

  6. It is so irresponsible of the media from the neighboring country to spread rumors about the presence of a terrorist in their country. Terrorism is a global issue and it is the responsibility of every nation in this world to show a positive behavior curb this menace.


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