Bajaur Action Succeeding

Bajaur Agency is where the action is. The security forces have sorrounded the agency and for the first time some real fruits are being reaped by the forces, and the local population of the agency is also helping out the security forces. After a brief uneasy calm, security forces again started pounding positions of militants in Badano village of Mamond Tehsil of the restive Bajaur Agency killing 23 people, including eight foreign militants.

The volatile tribal region, comprising seven agencies is under the intense fire, but the real focus is on the Bajaur Agency, where many of the Taliban leaders have home, and where the Lashkars are in full force. That is why the security forces are targeting this agency, and now they are advancing very fast, and drawing near to the Afghan border.

Now at this time the ISAF and Afghan forces must also help out Pakistan and they should take care of their side of the border to stop militants from crossing the porous border and vanish in hinterland of Afghanistan just to return back when the smoke settles down.

US jet fighters and drones are not much of a help in curbing the militancy from this area.

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