Baitullah Mehsud’s Video after Death released by BBC

baitullah Mehsud.gifA brief video showing the dead body of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah Mehsud, killed in a US drone attack last month, came to surface today. The video of less than two minutes duration shows the bodies of Mehsud and his wife moments after they were hit by missiles splinters fired by a US drone on the house where he was staying in South Waziristan on August 6.

Though the Pakistan government claimed Mehsud has been killed, they were unable to retrieve his body as he was targeted in an area totally controlled by militants and the video is the first evidence of his death.

The video, shot with a mobile phone, was received by the Urdu service of the BBC. The clipping shows Mehsud’s body lying on a plain surface and covered with a white cloth. His injuries are not visible and it shows only a few cuts on the right side of his face. The silent video also features a man and a few other people sitting near Mehsud’s body.

BBC quoted Taliban operatives as saying that the video of Mehsud’s body was made a few hours after the attack that killed him.

Image Source: The News

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  1. Baitullah’s role and end remiains a mystry. A video using mobile phone is not en evidence. It could be a fake, or not, and one would always question why and who has distributed it.


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