The Annual report of UNICEF presented an infested average figure of 35% infant death toll at the hour of birth in Pakistan. With this numerical figure Pakistan is ranked forty-two for demonstrating least health discourse. The figure is an encumbering one because with maturation of industrial sector and prolonged emphasis on political setups, the officialdoms have also taken notice of this drawback that persisted in the social sectors within the polity for long. The report concluded that children under five years of age die every year in Pakistan due to the lack of health facilities and diseases. This report highlights the fact that despite gigantic number of health programs made at all levels by ministry of health still the average citizens have not benefited from them.

With the beginning of health programs a number of citizens living below an average standard of life that constitute more than 50% of Pakistan population could have relieved. These programs included country wide polio drops campaigns, women health workers in rural areas, free vaccination course for infants, TB’s cure programs and hepatitis vaccines etc. Despite these health facilities provided to the people by ministry of health, majority is still found living with these diseases.

Reasons vary for this large proportion’s inability to benefit from these programs, based on lack of awareness and ignoring the significance of these programs at lower and average level. The ministry of health publishes a number of advertisements both at print and electronic media before the beginning of these campaigns each year. After all the efforts made by government, in shape of expenditure and planning’s, the locals should not mandatory but obligatory make sure that there children must not remain to get these important dosages of vaccines and medicine in any circumstances. If the teams do not reach there area in any case they should take there children to local centers. One step towards recognizing thy responsibility can take you many steps forward towards prosperity and one step of ignorance and carelessness can take your children to the abysses of disabilities for life.

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