Awam Mar Gae … Bhutto Aaj Bhe Zinda Hai

bhutto zinda haiMohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s birthday was celebrated with full zeal and zest throughout the country. Pakistan People’s Party arranged processions country wide. Government held mass gatherings and seminars to mark the birthday of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Promises were made once again to empower the AWAM with roti, kapra and makaan. Oh yes! roti, kapra and makaan. Every congregation resonated with the famous slogan enchanted by public “Bhutto Aj Bhe Zinda Hy”

Let us have a glance on two years’ rule of Pakistan People’s Party. Pakistan People’s Party claims itself to be the Awami Jama’at of Pakistan. Pakistan I san agriculture based economy. Flour is the staple food of people of Pakistan, grown at a large scale by harvesters and always produced as a BUMPER CROP yet always in shortage. Back in 2008 flour was sold for Rs.13/kg and now in 2010 it is Rs.34/kg and still they say Bhutto aj bhe zinda hy …

Pakistan has seen worst sugar crisis in 2009 with its price sky high. Out of approximately seventy five sugar mills roughly thirty are owned by people directly or indirectly in National assembly or Senate e.g. Humayun Akhtar owns three sugar mills, Jehangir Tareen owns three sugar mills, Nawaz Sharif owns three sugar mills, Abbass Sarfraz a former minister owns four sugar mills and so on. Despite the fact that the grand sugar daddies are either in opposition or government sugar crisis grew out of proportion. In 2008 sugar was sold for Rs.21/kg but now its Rs.67/kg and still they say Bhutto aj bhe zinda hy …

Milk is one of the basic necessities of life. The price of milk in last two years has increased astonishingly. For AWAM of Pakistan milk has become a luxury now rather a basic commodity. In 2008 milk was sold for Rs.32/kg but now its Rs.60/kg and still they say Bhutto aj bhe zinda hy …

Leaving aside food items let us have a fleeting look at hasty boost in the price of petrol. The petrol price/kg in 2008 was Rs.46 but now it has been raised to Rs.75.20/kg. This has resulted in increased rates of community convey. Transporters lift fares every other day; thus making life of poor people more despondent still Bhutto aj bhe zinda hy …

Not only this; but prices of electronic items have also augmented in past two years. For instance air conditioners in 2008 cost Rs.20,000 but now they are being sold for Rs.32,000 plus. Pakistan has extreme summers and winters. In last two years load shedding has made lives of people terrible. On one hand is load shedding and increased cost of generators, UPSs and air conditioners and on the other hand they say Bhutto aj bhe zinda hy …

Value added tax on every other thing, sky high cost of food items, increasing prices of electronic items, devaluing rupee, rich becoming richest and poor becoming poorest and yes money being gathered in few hands.


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17 thoughts on “Awam Mar Gae … Bhutto Aaj Bhe Zinda Hai”

  1. @hina safdar

    thanx abunch for liking my work!

    i am strongly against any kind of dictatorship … i am an ardent supporter of democracy!

    @bajwa & haider

    i agree with your thouhgts.

  2. This Bhutto Family has looted Pakistan..what billions of $ doing in their swiss account while people are dying of hunger here..

  3. PPP rasised the slogan of Roti ,Kapra or Makan,But they do not said tha either these things are provided to people or These sre stolen from the people.
    In every speech the Our so called honourable president said that banazeir guided him from her grave (Oh God).

  4. Hmm…
    i guess at least Dictatorship was better than this bhuttoism..
    am not in favor of Army rule or dictatorship..
    but the thing is, this is what happens whenever the civilian govt comes..
    It would take bit longer to get settled,for that we need awaam ka siyasi shaoor,and the zinda bhutto must be killed as soon as possible..

  5. @tayab

    So true! thats what i have tried to rasise curtain from … people are dying and rulers are making them fool on the name of Bhutto!
    Rich in resources yet we lack proper utilization of resources … nd yeah we need to change everthing from graas root level … again I AGREE!

  6. If you look at statistics you will nitice that Pakistan is among top 4 countries of the World to produce milk, sugar, wheat, rice and pulse despite old agricultural practices and low level of education among agricultural workers. These workers are paid lowest possible payment for their work.

    When produces are ready, these are exported and lesser amount is released in local market. Sugar prices were hiked and the arguement was higher prices in international market. Although workers were not paid according to international standards.

    The same people are in the govenment and influence national policies to serve their interests. It does not matter which party is in government the result is the same.

    Unless, we all as a nation change our attitude towards corruption and deceit our situation may not change and this process will start from our own house.

    Good luck to us all

  7. yes bcoz bhutto zinda rahega jab tak awam bhooki rahegi. Agar awam ka pait bhar gaya toh yeh bhutto ka naam lekar kisko bewaqoof banayenge.


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